Early Music: Ancient & Medieval

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  1. Book ImageAnthology for Music in the Medieval West

    Margot Fassler, Walter Frisch

    A concise anthology featuring a wide range of medieval music.More

  2. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of Western Music

    J. Peter Burkholder, Claude V. Palisca

    Seventh Edition / Volume(s): 1 / Ancient to Baroque

    A comprehensive collection of 220 works from antiquity to the present.More

  3. Book ImageMusic in the Medieval West

    Margot Fassler, Walter Frisch

    Medieval music in its cultural, social, and intellectual contexts.More

  4. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: Greek Views of Music

    Leo Treitler, Thomas J. Mathiesen

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 1

    How did the ancient Greeks regard music? In many different ways, as the readings in Greek Views of Music reveal.More

  5. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: The Early Christian Period and the Latin Middle Ages

    Leo Treitler, James McKinnon

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 2

    This book began as an attempt to carry out a suggestion made in 1929 by Carl Engle in his "Views and reviews"—to fulfill his wish for "a living record of musical personalities, events, conditions, tastes... a history of music faithfully and entirely carved from contemporary accounts."More

  6. Book ImageThe Interpretation of Early Music

    Robert Donington

    Revised Edition

    Since it was first published in 1963, Robert Donington's classic text has become the standard of reference for all would-be performers , students, and amateurs of baroque music.More

  7. Book ImageThe Women Troubadours

    Meg Bogin

    An introduction to the women poets of 12th-century Provence and a collection of their poems.More

  8. Book ImageMedieval Music

    Richard H. Hoppin

    Medieval Music by Richard H. Hoppin surveys the history and development of music in the Western world from its roots in early Christian liturgy up to the initial glimmerings of the Renaissance in the fifteenth century.More

  9. Book ImageAnthology of Medieval Music

    Richard H. Hoppin

    This anthology is designed to accompany Medieval Music, the initial offering in the Norton Introduction to Music History series. It will also undoubtedly provide a welcome addition to the heretofore severely limited repertoire of medieval pieces available in contemporary notation.More