British History

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  1. Book ImageDefining a Nation: India on the Eve of Independence, 1945

    Ainslie T. Embree, Mark C. Carnes

    Part of the Reacting to the Past series, Defining a Nation plunges students into India’s struggle for sovereignty and identity.More

  2. Book ImageCharles Darwin, the Copley Medal, and the Rise of Naturalism, 1861-1864

    Marsha Driscoll, Elizabeth E. Dunn, Dann Siems, Et Al.

    Part of the Reacting to the Past series, Charles Darwin, the Copley Medal, and the Rise of Naturalism thrusts students into the intellectual ferment of Victorian England just after publication of The Origin of Species.More

  3. Book ImageHenry VIII and the Reformation of Parliament

    John Patrick Coby

    Part of the Reacting to the Past series, Henry VIII and the Reformation Parliament transforms students into lords and commoners and members of the English Parliament during the tumultuous years 1529–36.More

  4. Book ImageElizabeth I and Her Age

    Susan M. Felch, Donald V. Stump

    Four centuries after her death, Elizabeth I remains a powerful and fascinating figure.More

  5. Book ImageThe Last Expedition: Stanley's Mad Journey through the Congo

    Daniel Liebowitz, Charles Pearson

    A noble rescue mission descends into a nightmare of cruelty, starvation, and cannibalism, bringing to a close the European exploration of Africa. "Liebowitz and Pearson have written an illuminating saga of the dark days of colonialism."—National Geographic AdventureMore

  6. Book ImageThe Battle of Britain: The Greatest Air Battle of World War II

    Richard Alexander Hough, Denis Richards

    A definitive account of the three-month air battle in 1940 between the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe.More

  7. Book ImageThe Victorians

    A. N. Wilson

    A dramatic, revisionist panorama of an age whose material triumphs and spiritual crises prefigure our own.More

  8. Book ImageA Secret History of the IRA

    Ed Moloney

    An epic portrayal of one of the twentieth century's longest wars—based on unprecedented access to all the players.More

  9. Book ImageRedcoat: The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket

    Richard Holmes

    A rich, anecdotal history of the British soldier from the American Revolution through the Indian Mutiny.More

  10. Book ImageRichard the Third

    Paul Murray Kendall

    "The best biography of Richard III that has been written."—A. L. Rowse, Chicago TribuneMore

  11. Book ImageRedcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution Through British Eyes

    Christopher Hibbert

    "Outstanding....Hibbert has an eye for character and a gift for bringing to life the impact of small-minded incompetents on the wide sweep of history."— Associated PressMore

  12. Book ImageThe Battle of Britain: The Myth and the Reality

    Richard Overy

    "A concise, penetrating account....This stirring book inspires an admiration for British courage."—New York Times Book ReviewMore

  13. Book ImageThe Creation of the Modern World: The Untold Story of the British Enlightenment

    Roy Porter

    "Porter's [book] has been long in the making and has been worth waiting for."—Peter Gay, Times Literary SupplementMore

  14. Book ImageDarwin

    Charles Darwin, Philip Appleman

    Third Edition

    "The best Darwin anthology on the market" (Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard) has just become better, in this newly revised version of the now classic Norton Critical Edition, first published in 1970.More

  15. Book ImageThe Tender Passion: The Bourgeois Experience from Victoria to Freud

    Peter Gay

    The Tender Passion looks at the Victorian middle classes' ideal and real notions of love.More

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