Middle Eastern History

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  1. Book ImageDefining a Nation: India on the Eve of Independence, 1945

    Ainslie T. Embree, Mark C. Carnes

    Part of the Reacting to the Past series, Defining a Nation plunges students into India’s struggle for sovereignty and identity.More

  2. Book ImageThe Muslim Discovery of Europe

    Bernard Lewis

    "Full of rare and exact information…A distinguished work." —New York Review of BooksMore

  3. Book ImageSemites and Anti-Semites: An Inquiry into Conflict and Prejudice

    Bernard Lewis

    "A powerful book. It combines the coolness of scholarship with conclusions that cannot fail to engage the passions."—Saul BellowMore

  4. Book ImageFirewall: The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-up

    Lawrence E. Walsh

    In its chilling and unsparing revelations, Firewall is the definitive account of the most dangerous breach of presidential authority since Watergate.More

  5. Book ImageCruelty and Silence: War, Tyranny, Uprising, and the Arab World

    Kanan Makiya

    "One of the most important books ever written on the state of the modern Middle East." —Geraldine Brooks, Wall Street JournalMore

  6. Book ImageThe Sumerians

    Charles Leonard Woolley

    In this book Professor Woolley, one of the world's foremost archaeologists, shows quite clearly that when Egyptian civilization began the civilization of the Sumerians had already flourished for at least 2,000 years.