Film Studies

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  1. Book ImageAmerican Film: A History

    Jon Lewis

    Second Edition

    A closer look at the captivating history of American cinemaMore

  2. Book ImageLooking at Movies

    Dave Monahan

    Sixth Edition

    Students love watching movies. Help them understand why.More

  3. Book ImageWriting About Movies

    Karen Gocsik, Dave Monahan

    Fifth Edition

    The only writing guide a film student will ever needMore

  4. Book ImageA History of Narrative Film

    David A. Cook

    Fifth Edition

    A trusted reference, a popular teaching text, and a well-written history is now bolder, briefer, and better than ever.More

  5. Book ImageLooking at Movies

    Richard Barsam, Dave Monahan

    Fifth Edition

    Film analysis starts here.More

  6. Book ImageWriting About Movies

    Karen Gocsik, Dave Monahan, Richard Barsam

    Fourth Edition

    The most succinct, practical, and affordable introduction to thinking and writing about film.More

  7. Book ImageThe Norton Mix: Film

    Lester Friedman, David Desser, Sarah Kozloff, Et Al.

    Film Studies—Your Way.More

  8. Book ImageAn Introduction to Film Genres

    Lester Friedman, David Desser, Sarah Kozloff, Et Al.

    A brisk, accessible, and informative introduction to film genres.More

  9. Book ImageFilm Analysis: A Norton Reader

    Jeffrey Geiger, R. L. Rutsky

    Second Edition

    Fifty essays on fifty films—by a who’s-who of film studies.More

  10. Book ImageEngaging Cinema: An Introduction to Film Studies

    Bill Nichols

    Engaging Cinema emphasizes the interactions between society and cinema and introduces students to film studies as it is actually done by scholars and critics.More

  11. Book ImageShakespeare and Film: A Norton Guide

    Samuel Crowl

    A lively, concise introduction to film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays from the silent era to the present, Shakespeare and Film pays particular attention to the most influential directors' cinematic portrayals of the plays, offering insightful close readings of the elements of film—camera work, editing, music, acting, montage, among others—that students can use as models for their own writing and analysis.More

  12. Book ImageAmerican Film: A History

    Jon Lewis

    Written by a top scholar in the field, American Film: A History gives students a thorough understanding of the fascinating intersection of artistry and economics in Hollywood cinema from the beginning of film history to the present.More

  13. Book ImageHamlet: Screenplay, Introduction and Film Diary

    Kenneth Branagh, William Shakespeare, Russell Jackson, Et Al.

    The tie-in book to the latest Shakespearean film by Kenneth Branagh, whose Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing were huge critical and popular successes.More

  14. Book ImageThe Phantom Empire: Movies in the Mind of the Twentieth Century

    Geoffrey O'Brien

    The Phantom Empire is a brilliant, daring, and utterly original book that analyzes (even as it exemplifies) the effect that the image saturation of a hundred years of moving pictures have had on human culture and consciousness.More

  15. Book ImageFilm Music: A Neglected Art

    Roy M. Pendergast

    "That Mr. Prendergast is unusually well-equipped to discuss both the technology and the aesthetics of film music is revealed once more in this second edition, particularly in the new section on synthesizers. And in this discussion he is disarmingly frank and perceptive. The hands-on experience he has had as one of Hollywood's leading music editors has allowed him to make comments and judgments that serve the history of film music." —William Kraft, composer, from the ForewordMore

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