Landscape Architecture & Garden Design

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  1. Book ImageGuide to New York City Urban Landscapes

    Robin Lynn, Francis Morrone, Edward A. Toran, Et Al.

    A tour of not-to-be-missed public places—parks, plazas, memorials, streets—that shape the New York experience.More

  2. Book ImageAn Infinity of Graces: Cecil Ross Pinsent, An English Architect in the Italian Landscape

    Ethne Clarke

    An exploration of the work of the English architect and landscape designer who practiced almost exclusively in Italy from 1907 to midcentury.More

  3. Book ImageGrowing Fruit Trees: Novel Concepts and Practices for Successful Care and Management

    Jean-Marie Lespinasse, Évelyne Leterme

    Everything the serious gardener needs to know about cultivating fifteen different types of fruit trees for rapid, high-quality fruit production.More

  4. Book ImageBuildings, Landscapes, and Memory: Case Studies in Historic Preservation

    Daniel Bluestone

    Winner of the Society of Architectural Historians' 2013 Antionette Forrester Downing Book Award, this provocative analysis of historic preservation's past and future will transform contemporary understanding of the movement.More

  5. Book ImageCemeteries

    Keith Eggener

    A bountifully illustrated exploration of the cemetery in American landscape and narrative.More

  6. Book ImagePublic Parks: The Key to Livable Communities

    Alexander Garvin

    Everything that landscape architects, architects, planners, civic officials, and citizen activists need to know about the critical urban role of public parks.More

  7. Book ImageGarden Guide: New York City

    Nancy Berner, Susan Lowry, Joseph De Sciose

    Revised Edition

    A horticultural escape and guided tour through all the best- and little-known gardens in New York City’s five boroughs.More

  8. Book ImageFrederick Law Olmsted: Essential Texts

    Robert Twombly

    An anthology of the key writings of the best-known and arguably most prolific landscape architect in U.S. history.More

  9. Book ImageDams

    Christine Macy

    A lavishly illustrated exploration of these landscape-defining structures across the United States.More

  10. Book ImageParks, Plants, and People: Beautifying the Urban Landscape

    Lynden B. Miller

    An inspirational and practical book about the benefits of enhancing cities with well-planted gardens, parks, and streets.More

  11. Book ImageHidcote: The Making of a Garden

    Ethne Clarke, Roy Strong

    Revised Edition

    A new and enlarged edition of the standard reference on an internationally revered English garden and its designer.More

  12. Book ImageInspired by Nature: Animals: The Building/Biology Connection

    Alejandro Bahamón, Patricia Pérez

    A look at how nature serves as a source of inspiration for contemporary architecture.More

  13. Book ImageLong Island Landscapes and the Women Who Designed Them

    Cynthia Zaitzevsky

    An account of eminent women landscape architects who flourished in the golden age of country estates.More

  14. Book ImageInspired by Nature: Minerals: The Building/Geology Connection

    Alejandro Bahamón, Patricia Pérez

    Nature has always furnished stimulating ideas for the design of architecture.More

  15. Book ImageGreen Roofs in Sustainable Landscape Design

    Steven L. Cantor, Steven Peck

    A popular design trend, green roofs make private and public buildings inviting and environmentally friendly.More

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