Environmental Design

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  1. Book ImageUrgent Architecture: 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for a Changing World

    Bridgette Meinhold

    Disaster-proof, environmentally friendly housing solutions for a changing climate.More

  2. Book ImageUnderstanding Green Building Materials

    Traci Rose Rider, Stacy Glass, Jessica McNaughton

    A companion to Understanding Green Building Guidelines, this primer explains green building products—what they are and how to choose them.More

  3. Book ImageGreening Modernism: Preservation, Sustainability, and the Modern Movement

    Carl Stein

    Greening Modernism addresses the interrelationships between sustainability, architectural preservation, and the Modern movement and places these issues into historical perspective.More

  4. Book ImageGarden Guide: New York City

    Nancy Berner, Susan Lowry, Joseph De Sciose

    Revised Edition

    A horticultural escape and guided tour through all the best- and little-known gardens in New York City’s five boroughs.More

  5. Book ImageRematerial: From Waste to Architecture

    Alejandro Bahamón, Maria Camila Sanjinés

    How someone else’s waste can become the next designer’s building material.More

  6. Book ImageParks, Plants, and People: Beautifying the Urban Landscape

    Lynden B. Miller

    An inspirational and practical book about the benefits of enhancing cities with well-planted gardens, parks, and streets.More

  7. Book ImageUnderstanding Green Building Guidelines: For Students and Young Professionals

    Traci Rose Rider

    Summarizes the main issues and strategies of the forceful and fast-paced green building movement.More

  8. Book ImageGreen Roofs in Sustainable Landscape Design

    Steven L. Cantor, Steven Peck

    A popular design trend, green roofs make private and public buildings inviting and environmentally friendly.More

  9. Book ImageResidential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance

    Dariush Arasteh, John Carmody, Lisa Heschong, Et Al.

    Third Edition

    The third edition of Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance provides updated and expanded information on window properties and technologies, as well as new sections on such key topics as window installation, energy efficiency, and building codes.More

  10. Book ImageThe Architecture of Warren & Wetmore

    Peter Pennoyer, Anne Walker

    During the first three decades of the twentieth century, Warren & Wetmore was one of the most successful and prolific architectural practices in America.

  11. Book ImageWindow Systems for High-Performance Buildings

    John Carmody, Stephen Selkowitz, Eleanor S. Lee, Et Al.

    A guide to essential window design issues, technologies, and applications for designers, specifiers, and builders.More

  12. Book ImageWetland Design: Principles and Practices for Landscape Architects and Land-Use Planners

    Robert L. France

    Wetlands combine the beauty of both aesthetic form and ecological function in a way that few other landforms can match.More

  13. Book ImageEnergy Efficient Buildings: Architecture, Engineering, and Environment

    Wayne Forster, Dean Hawkes

    An examination of how energy efficiency can be enhanced by integrating advances in architecture and engineering.More

  14. Book ImageRoof Gardens: History, Design, and Construction

    Theodore H. Osmundson

    In the first comprehensive study published in English, respected landscape architect Theodore Osmundson provides the practical information professionals need to be able to include well-designed and well-constructed roof gardens in their projects.More