Architectural Drafting & Drawing

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  1. Book ImageVoyage Le Corbusier: Drawing on the Road

    Jacob Brillhart, Le Corbusier, Jean-Louis Cohen

    Following the master architect’s drawing campaign as a young man.More

  2. Book ImagePlanning and Community Development: A Guide for the 21st Century

    Norman Tyler, Robert M. Ward

    An ideal introduction to community planning for students, planners, local officials, community leaders, and citizens.More

  3. Book ImageComparative Architectural Details: A Selection from Pencil Points 1932-1937

    Milton Wilfred Grenfell

    Architectural details indispensable to everyone in the drafting room today.More

  4. Book ImageAdvanced Architectural Modelmaking

    Eva Pascual i Miró, Pere Pedrero Carbonero, Ricard Pedrero Coderch

    Everything a student, professional, or hobbyist needs to know about creating high-quality models for study and presentation.More

  5. Book ImageThe Architecture of Bart Prince: A Pragmatics of Place

    Christopher Curtis Mead

    Revised and Updated

    With a look at new buildings by Bart Prince, this book examines the work of a uniquely American contemporary architect.More

  6. Book ImageFour Florida Moderns: The Architecture of Alberto Alfonso, René González, Chad Oppenheim, and Guy Peterson

    Saxon Henry

    A colorful survey explores the diverse styles of the arbiters of modernism in Florida.More

  7. Book ImageCelebrating the Courthouse: A Guide for Architects, Their Clients, and the Public

    Steven Flanders

    Illuminates the issues that must be addressed in designing a suitable and successful courthouse.More

  8. Book ImageFreehand Sketching

    Paul Laseau

    Even in the computer age, freehand sketching is the designer’s most useful tool for notation, design exploration, and graphic communication.More

  9. Book ImageAirbrush Illustration for Architecture

    George Dombek, Tom Porter

    This book dispels common misconceptions and gives instructions for mastering the airbrush.

  10. Book ImageUser-Responsive Design: Reducing the Risk of Failure

    C. Thomas Mitchell

    User-Responsive Design will help you avoid unsatisfied clients by showing how to meaningfully consider the needs of building users throughout the design process.

  11. Book ImageModel Making: A Basic Guide

    Martha Sutherland

    A primer for everyone interested in building models.More