Oriental & Eastern Architecture

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  1. Book ImageWindows of the World

    Dominique Lenclos, Jean-Philippe Lenclos

    The "eyes" of a building, windows separate viewer from view, inside from outside, public from private. Windows of the World tours the infinite richness of this basic architectural element, from the simple, square porthole of a stone farmhouse in Brittany to the fine ironwork details of the mashrabiya that screen windows in Morocco to the windows of New York’s Greenwich Village, crisscrossed by a complex, ornate maze of fire escapes.More

  2. Book ImageColors of the World

    Dominique Lenclos, Jean-Philippe Lenclos, Gregory Bruhn

    Colors of the World presents a chromatic journey through the colors of vernacular architecture from the United States to the far corners of the globe.More

  3. Book Image6,000 Years of Housing

    Norbert Schoenauer

    Revised and Expanded Edition

    The fascinating evolution of house forms from the Stone Age to the present.More

  4. Book ImageThe Lure of the Japanese Garden

    Alison Main, Newell Platten, Julie Moir Messervy

    Stunningly illustrated, this is both a guidebook to accessible gardens in Japan and a revelation of their historical and cultural contexts for the general reader.More

  5. Book ImageAntique Kilims of Anatolia

    Peter Davies

    From fleece, yarn, and dyeing to looms and weaves, the visual language, tribal weavers, and meaning, origins, and aesthetics of the kilim, this book provides an ideal and up-to-date summary of the subject.More