Personality Psychology

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  1. Book ImageThe Personality Puzzle

    David C. Funder

    Seventh Edition

    A personality text with personality.More

  2. Book ImageThe Discovery of Being

    Rollo May

    “Clear, accurate, and interesting. There is no better short introduction to the existential approach to psychology.” —Dallas Morning NewsMore

  3. Book ImageChange: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution

    Paul Watzlawick, John H. Weakland, Richard Fisch, Et Al.

    Why some problems persist while others are resolved.More

  4. Book ImageSelf-Agency in Psychotherapy: Attachment, Autonomy, and Intimacy

    Jean Knox

    A discussion of the self, both in and out of therapy.More

  5. Book ImagePieces of the Personality Puzzle: Readings in Theory and Research

    David C. Funder, Daniel J. Ozer

    Fifth Edition

    Insightful readings in personality psychology from a wide range of voices.More

  6. Book ImageThe Created Self: Reinventing Body, Persona, Spirit

    Robert J. Weber

    The Created Self takes readers to as-yet-unexplored regions in the modern psyche’s preoccupation with self-invention.More

  7. Book ImageFreedom and Destiny

    Rollo May

    The popular psychoanalyst examines the continuing tension in our lives between the possibilities that freedom offers and the various limitations imposed upon us by our particular fate or destiny.More

  8. Book ImagePower and Innocence: A Search for the Sources of Violence

    Rollo May

    Stressing the positive, creative aspects of power and innocence, Rollo May offers a way of thinking about the problems of contemporary society.More

  9. Book ImagePsychology and the Human Dilemma

    Rollo May

    Here Rollo May discusses our loss of our personal identity in the contemporary world, the sources of our anxiety, the scope of psychotherapy, and the ultimate paradox of freedom and responsibility.More

  10. Book ImageThe Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis

    Otto Fenichel, Leo Rangell

    A perennially best-selling and influential psychoanalytic work.More

  11. Book ImageThe Courage to Create

    Rollo May

    "Extraordinary, wise, and hopeful... nearly poetic meditations."—Boston GlobeMore

  12. Book ImageThe Neurotic Personality of Our Time

    Karen Horney

    In this work, Karen Horney explores the basic structure of neuroses in the context of their cultural assumptions.More

  13. Book ImageFeminine Psychology

    Karen Horney

    As a psychoanalytic pioneer, Karen Horney questioned some of Freud's formulations of psychosexual development, particularly in relation to women.More

  14. Book ImageGandhi's Truth: On the Origins of Militant Nonviolence

    Erik H. Erikson

    In this study of Mahatma Gandhi, psychoanalyst Erik H. Erikson explores how Gandhi succeeded in mobilizing the Indian people both spiritually and politically as he became the revolutionary innovator of militant non-violence and India became the motherland of large-scale civil disobedience.More

  15. Book ImageOur Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis

    Karen Horney

    Here Karen Horney develops a dynamic theory of neurosis centered on the basic conflict among attitudes of "moving forward" "moving against," and "moving away from" people.More

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