Public Policy

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Featured Books

  1. Book ImageIntroduction to Public Policy

    Charles Wheelan

    The first introductory public policy text with a strong economics perspective.More

  1. Book ImagePolicy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making

    Deborah Stone

    Third Edition

    The most accessible policy text available.More

  2. Book ImageAnalyzing Policy: Choices, Conflicts, and Practices

    Michael C. Munger

    This readable and comprehensive introduction to the principles of public-policy analysis is the first book to integrate the tools students need to analyze policies with the common sense they need to understand how real policies are made.More

  3. Book ImagePolitics and Public Morality: The Great American Welfare Reform Debate

    Gary Bryner

    In Politics and Public Morality, Gary Bryner answers the debate over whether welfare reform can succeed.More