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  1. Book ImageThe United States Congress

    E. Scott Adler, Jeffery A. Jenkins, Charles R. Shipan

    An accessible approach to a modern Congress courseMore

  2. Book ImageAnalyzing Congress

    Charles Stewart III

    Second Edition

    The only undergraduate Congress text written from a rational-choice perspective.More

  3. Book ImageHouse and Senate

    Ross K. Baker

    Fourth Edition

    Drawing on interviews with United States senators who previously served in the House of Representatives as well as journalists and staff members, this volume provides a portrait of the two American Houses of Congress.More

  4. Book ImageStrangers on a Hill: Congress and the Court

    Ross K. Baker

    When Ross K. Baker's House and Senate first appeared in 1989, it became an instant favorite among students and instructors for its engaging and highly accessible description of congressional processes.More