Public Policy

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  1. Book ImageIntroduction to Public Policy

    Charles Wheelan

    The first introductory public policy text with a strong economics perspective.More

  1. Book ImageEconomics of the Public Sector

    Joseph E. Stiglitz, Jay K. Rosengard

    Fourth Edition

    The long awaited revision of a classic text by an expert author team.More

  2. Book ImageIndustry Regulation and the Performance of the American Economy

    Paul W. MacAvoy

    Regulation reached its zenith in the 1960s. The 1980s was the decade of deregulation. The 1990s afford us an important opportunity to assess what is left of regulation and its impact on the economy. And who better to do this than Paul W. MacAvoy, one of America's most respected experts on the economics of industry?More

  3. Book ImageHealth Care and Its Costs

    Carl J. Schramm

    In recent years the portion of America's gross national product devoted to health care has more than doubled. Hospital costs have risen at twice the rate of any other good or service that the average citizen needs.More

  4. Book ImageMicromotives and Macrobehavior

    Thomas C. Schelling

    “Before Freakonomics and the The Tipping Point, there was Micromotives and Macrobehavior.” —Barry Nalebuff, coauthor of Thinking StrategicallyMore