Organic Chemistry

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  1. Book ImageOrganic Chemistry: Principles and Mechanisms

    Joel Karty

    Second Edition

    Understand more, memorize less.More

  2. Book ImageOrganic Chemistry: Principles and Mechanisms

    Joel Karty

    Understanding over memorization.More

  3. Book ImageOrganic Chemistry

    Maitland Jones, Jr., Steven A. Fleming

    Fifth Edition

    “Visualize, Understand, Draw” helps students to move beyond memorization.More

  4. Book ImageOrganic Reaction Animations: Online Version

    Steven A. Fleming, Greg Hart, Paul Savage

    Organic Reaction Animations (ORA) is a compilation of more than 50 organic reactions whose pathways have been calculated and animated to help students visualize the events that occur in the most important organic reactions.More

  5. Book ImageClickers in Action: Active Learning in Organic Chemistry

    Suzanne M. Ruder

    An instructor-oriented resource providing information on implementing clickers in organic chemistry courses. Part I gives instructors information on how to choose and manage a CRS system, develop effective questions, and integrate the questions into their courses. Part II contains 140 class-tested, lecture-ready questions. Most questions include histograms that show actual student response, generated in large classes with 200–300 students over multiple semesters. Each question also includes insights and suggestions for implementation.More