Art Essentials

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  1. Book ImageStreet Art

    Simon Armstrong

    A comprehensive history and interpretation of the street art movement, featuring all of the key practitioners in a colorful combination of sharp images and insightful commentary.More

  2. Book ImageImpressionism

    Ralph Skea

    An introduction to the impressionist movement, highlighting the great artists, their masterpieces, and impressionism’s enduring influence.More

  3. Book ImageSurrealism

    Amy Dempsey

    An incisive overview of surrealism, introducing the movement’s key artists and enduring concepts as well as tracing its precursors and continuing influence.More

  4. Book ImageWomen Artists

    Flavia Frigeri

    A chronological introduction to women artists throughout history, this book provides a rich understanding of key female artists from the Baroque to the present day.More

  5. Book ImageKey Moments in Art: Art Essentials

    Lee Cheshire

    This compact guide looks at the fifty biggest moments in art history and reveals the sometimes funny, surprising or shocking behind-the scenes stories.More

  6. Book ImageLooking at Pictures: Art Essentials Series

    Susan Woodford

    An accessible and attractive beginner’s guide to getting the most out of looking at picturesMore

  7. Book ImageModern Art: Art Essentials Series

    Amy Dempsey

    A compact, introductory guide to modern art that explains styles, schools, and movements from Impressionism to the present dayMore