Custom Books: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose custom?

Customizing with Norton lets you match your course materials to your course objectives. Students see value in a textbook when they use all of it, and you can focus on outcomes when you have worked to create the perfect materials for your course.

How much will my custom cost?

Every situation is different. Norton works with a number of printers and other vendors to ensure best quality and value for your custom materials. Prices depend on the amount of material you use and the costs associated with the book being customized and any material being added. Norton will work with you to produce materials that will provide the best teaching and learning value for you and your students.

Do I need a certain number of students to customize?

When you choose from our Seagull Select titles, your enrollments may be as low as twenty students to customize. Typically, Norton asks that you have at least one hundred students per year to customize an existing text.

Tell me more about the process of customizing.

You’ll work with your local Norton representative and Norton’s custom editor to make editorial and design decisions, estimate costs, and formulate schedules. We’ll keep you up to date at each stage of the process and give you the opportunity for input and approval for each element of your custom project (or not—as you prefer!). We will also work with your bookstore to make sure books and packages are ordered in a timely fashion for the beginning of your classes.

What about permissions for copyrighted materials?

In some cases we may need to reclear permissions on a text that you’re customizing, and in some cases we will need to clear for material you wish to add. Either way, you can rest easy knowing we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure worry-free copyright clearance and fair treatment for copyright holders. We can help you secure permission for text, art and photos, and student work.

Can I customize my Norton anthology?

Norton anthology editors choose a very broad spectrum of selections to create the best possible survey for each anthology area. Unfortunately, the permissions costs on these texts make it impossible for us to customize anthologies.