The Norton Scholar's Prize (1998-2008)

Established upon the 75th anniversary of W. W. Norton & Company, the Norton Scholar’s Prize was awarded annually during the years 1998 to 2008 for an outstanding undergraduate essay on a literary topic.

The Norton Scholar's Prize competition has now been retired, but a new writing competition, the Norton Writer's Prize, has taken its place. Click here to learn more about the Norton Writer's Prize.

The eleven winners of the Norton Scholar's Prize are listed below. You can click on their titles to read the winning essays.

2008 Winner

“Nation-making and Movie-making”: Cinema in Midnight’s Children  

Helen Cespedes

Barnard College

2007 Winner

“Making a Profit of My Policy”: Ideological Tensions in Sixteenth-Century English Identity and Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta  

Kathryn C. Fore

University of California, Irvine

2006 Winner

"Directitude? what's that?": A Verbal Blunder and Unstable Identity in Coriolanus

Garth Kimbrell

University of Kansas

2005 Winner

The Communal Space Between: Reconciliation in Emerson’s "Experience"

Rachel Banner

Oakland University

2004 Winner

The Opacity of Evil: The Turn from Theodicy in The Winter’s Tale

Matthew Valdiviez

University of New Mexico

2003 Winner

Reading Alcibiades as an Appropriative Self

Boris Rodin Maslov

University of California, Berkeley

2002 Winner

Rachel and the Household Gods: An Interpretation of Genesis 31

Susannah Rutherglen

Yale University

2001 Winner

In Others’ Words: Michelle Cliff’s Epigraphical Black Atlantic Structure

Erin McMullen

Ball State University

2000 Winner

"Rapine Sweet": The Rape of Proserpina and Eve’s Fall

Jessica Bulman

Yale University

1999 Winner

The Fantasy of Orality in Absalom, Absalom!

Caleb Smith

University of California, Berkeley

1998 Winner

"I will live content elsewhere": The Importance of Exile in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney

Andrzej Niekrasz

St. Louis University