The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom

Building Resilience with Compassionate Teaching

Patricia A. Jennings (Author)

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Selected as a "Favorite Book for Educators in 2018" by Greater Good.

From the author of Mindfulness for Teachers, a guide to supporting trauma-exposed students.

Fully half the students in U.S. schools have experienced trauma, violence, or chronic stress. In the face of this epidemic, it falls increasingly to teachers to provide the adult support these students need to function in school. But most educators have received little training to prepare them for this role. 

In her new book, Tish Jennings—an internationally recognized leader in the field of social and emotional learning—shares research and experiential knowledge about the practices that support students' healing, build their resilience, and foster compassion in the classroom. In Part I, Jennings describes the effects of trauma on body and mind, and how to recognize them in students' behavior. In Part II, she introduces the trauma-sensitive practices she has implemented in her work with schools. And in Part III, she connects the dots between mindfulness, compassion, and resilience. Each chapter contains easy-to-use, practical activities to hone the skills needed to create a compassionate learning environment.

Book Details

  • Paperback
  • November 2018
  • ISBN 978-0-393-71186-8
  • 7.1 × 10 in / 208 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

Endorsements & Reviews

“We all know that a teacher's relationship with a student has the potential to inspire them for the rest of their lives. Those pupils who've experienced trauma in their homes or communities should have that same potential. This book will make it possible for every teacher to be that guiding light that can shine for a lifetime.” — Daniel J. Siegel, MD, author of Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human

“Tish Jennings presents a series of self-assessments and actions that can be implemented at the classroom and school level to support the well-being of both students and educators. There are numerous ideas and actions in these pages that will help any teacher to create a caring, compassionate classroom.” — Mark T. Greenberg, Bennett Chair of Prevention Research, Founding Director, Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center, Pennsylvania State University

“A major contribution of this work is the comprehensive nature of the information that Professor Tish Jennings draws together. Very few scholar-educators have done such a masterful job of connecting new findings in neuroscience with trends in sociology, psychology, education, and human development. . . . The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom will be of great interest and benefit not only to teachers, but to every professional working in schools.” — Bob Planta, Dean, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

“Dr. Jennings offers a practical description of how and why stress, adversity, and trauma impact students' school behavior and learning, as well as providing specific strategies that educators can implement right now in order to foster greater resilience and educational success among these vulnerable students. The book is an essential resource for educators.” — Robert W. Roeser, MSW, PhD, Bennett Professor of Caring and Compassion, Pennsylvania State University

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