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  1. Book ImageA Dog Runs Through It: Poems

    Linda Pastan

    A moving selection of poems for dog lovers, accompanied by charismatic line drawings, from a poet with an "unfailing mastery of her medium" (New York Times Book Review).More

  2. Book ImageThe Dogs of Avalon: The Race to Save Animals in Peril

    Laura Schenone

    Named a Best Book of the Year by The Bark magazine

    After adopting an Irish sight hound, Laura Schenone discovers a remarkable and little-known fight to gain justice for dogs and for all animals.More

  3. Book ImageThe Secret History of Kindness: Learning from How Dogs Learn

    Melissa Holbrook Pierson

    An intimate, surprising look at man’s best friend and what the leading philosophies of dog training teach us about ourselves.More

  4. Book ImageThe Fur Person

    May Sarton, Jared Williams

    Gift edition

    “In whatever May Sarton writes one can hear the human heart pulsing just below the surface.”—Washington Post Book WorldMore

  5. Book ImageDogs in Cars

    Lara Jo Regan

    The pure joy of a dog with his nose to the horizon, in a moving car--captured on the page.More

  6. Book ImageIf Only They Could Speak: Understanding the Powerful Bond Between Dogs and Their Owners

    Nicholas H. Dodman

    Named one of the top five books on dogs by the Wall Street Journal.More

  7. Book ImageThe Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic

    Gay Salisbury, Laney Salisbury

    "A stirring tale of survival, thanks to man's best friend." —Seattle TimesMore

  8. Book ImageAdopting a Dog: The Indispensable Guide for Your Newest Family Member

    Barbara McKinney, John Ross

    At last, an indispensable guide to the unique needs of the 2.5 million dogs adopted every year in America.More

  9. Book ImageMonster of God: The Man-Eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the Mind

    David Quammen

    "Rich detail and vivid anecdotes of adventure....A treasure trove of exotic fact and hard thinking."—The New York Times Book Review, front pageMore

  10. Book ImageElephantoms: Tracking the Elephant

    Lyall Watson

    A scientific safari and personal memoir celebrating the enigmatic dignity of the world's largest land animal.More

  11. Book ImageBuild Me an Ark: A Life with Animals

    Brenda Peterson

    "Peterson writes of nature with an intimacy that tugs at the reader's deep memory."—OrionMore

  12. Book ImageDark Horses and Black Beauties: Animals, Women, a Passion

    Melissa Holbrook Pierson

    "Thought-provoking.... A lovely testament to horses and women from all walks of life."—Karen Stone, Chicago TribuneMore

  13. Book ImageIn the Shadow of a Rainbow: The True Story of a Friendship Between Man and Wolf

    Robert Franklin Leslie

    First published in 1974, this classic tale of friendship, courage, and the wild has captured hearts of all ages.More

  14. Book ImageWind in the Ash Tree

    Jeanine McMullen

    "Engaging and often uproariously funny. . . . For animal buffs, this one is not to be missed." —Kirkus ReviewsMore