Stranger and Friend

The Way of an Anthropologist

Hortense Powdermaker (Author)

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"The book is absolutely excellent . . . a unique fascinating account of the work of one of our leading anthropologists." —Colin M. Turnbull

"Her book is all about people. . . . The publishers say of it that 'field work in its personal and objective dimension is placed under a kind of microscope. The book is a must for all field workers in the social sciences.' That claim does not seem to me excessive." —Edmund Leach, New York Review of Books

"There are few books which are as informative of what it means to be a field-worker in social science as Hortense Powdermaker's Stranger and Friend. This book should be must reading both for scholars and students." —Seymour M. Lipset, Harvard University

"Stranger and Friend is a passionate plea for anthropology as a human discipline as well as a science, as an all-engrossing life experience as well as a profession, and increasingly as a subject in the curriculum of graduate and undergraduate studies." —Margaret Mead, American Museum of Natural History

"This is just the kind of book needed in anthropology today. It tells objectively, but in warm and human terms, how important research was done. It contributes to methodology and to the history of the science of anthropology." —Charles Wagley, Columbia University

"This is an essential book for anyone interested in the problems of an anthropologist at work." —Cornelius Osgood, Peabody Museum of Natural History

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  • Paperback
  • April 1967
  • ISBN 978-0-393-00410-6
  • 5.1 × 7.7 in / 320 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

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