Day Paddling Narragansett Bay

A Complete Guide for Canoeists and Kayakers

Eben Oldmixon (Author)

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A complete guide to paddling the calm, low-risk waters of the Narragansett Bay system for canoeists and kayakers of all abilities.

A guide to over 100 miles of relaxing, low-risk, scenic excursions suitable for family outings in the Narragansett Bay system for kayakers and canoeists, described in detail and illustrated with accurate maps and beautiful photographs. Oldmixon describes 12 alongshore routes featuring multiple launch sites and the paddling routes that link them, effectively creating a series of "watertrails" that paddlers can follow. These watertrails visit every region of the Narragansett Bay system, including: East and West Passage; Sakonnet River; Mount Hope Bay; Providence River; the Bristol, Newport, and Dutch Island Harbors, and more. The trips have been tailored not only to avoid channels, surf, strong currents, open water crossings, and boat traffic, but also to provide resting places and launching sites (about 40 in all) that can be used as alternative destinations or emergency refuges. 30 black & white photos, 15 maps, index. Topics include:

  • How experienced a paddler you should be before embarking on these tours
  • How to outfit your boat for a day trip
  • How to "read the water" of the various regions of the bay and what to expect while paddling them
  • Safety considerations for paddling in the bay

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  • Paperback
  • July 2004
  • ISBN 978-0-88150-606-8
  • 6.1 × 9 in
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

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