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  1. Book ImageNeurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization

    Karen Horney

    One of the most original psychoanalysts after Freud, Karen Horney pioneered such now familiar concepts as alienation, self-realization, and the idealized image, and she brought to psychoanalysis a new understanding of the importance of culture and environment.More

  2. Book ImageFinal Lectures

    Karen Horney, Douglas H. Ingram

    This book presents the lectures Karen Horney gave her class on psychoanalytic technique during the last year of her life.More

  3. Book ImageFeminine Sexuality: Jacques Lacan and the école freudienne

    Jacques Lacan, Juliet Mitchell, Jacqueline Rose

    Jacques Lacan is arguably the most controversial psychoanalyst of our time.More

  4. Book ImageThe Marx-Engels Reader

    Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Robert C. Tucker

    Second Edition

    This revised and enlarged edition of the leading anthology provides the essential writings of Marx and Engels--those works necessary for an introduction to Marxist thought and ideology.More

  5. Book ImageOne Potato, Two Potato: The Folklore of American Children

    Mary Knapp, Herbert Knapp

    Children's folklore—those customs, rhymes, games, jeers, songs, superstitions, stories, and pranks that children play among themselves—serves an important purpose: it helps them deal with feelings and taboo subjects which they are unable to express individually.More

  6. Book ImageA Passion for Equality: George Wiley and the Movement

    Mary Lynn Kotz, Nick Kotz

    "An important contribution to the social literature of our time." —Roger Wilkins, New York TimesMore

  7. Book ImageThe Political Economy of Urban Poverty

    Charles Sackrey

    This is a study of poverty in our cities—its causes, its composition, its dimensions, and its solutions. It is not a book which will please those who worship America's high standard of living. Nor will it please liberal reformers who say our social welfare policies have begun to eliminate the problem. (Indeed, it is suggested that urban poor exist in greater numbers and in greater misery than ever before, despite statistics to the contrary.) And it will not please radicals in search of support for abolition of the capitalist system because liberal reforms have failed in the past.


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