Psychotherapy & Psychological Counseling

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  1. Book ImageNarrative Means to Therapeutic Ends

    Michael White, David Epston

    Use of letter-writing in family therapy.More

  2. Book ImageDream Work in Psychotherapy and Self-Change

    Alvin R. Mahrer

    Written both for people who want to work on their own dreams and for psychotherapists, this book shows how one can draw on dreams to bring about self-change.More

  3. Book ImageMoments of Engagement: Intimate Psychotherapy in a Technological Age

    Peter D. Kramer

    Through fascinating case histories and revealing encounters with patients, Dr. Kramer provides a compassionate, immensely eloquent view of how psychiatry really works. Written by the author of the national bestseller, Listening to Prozac.More

  4. Book ImageObject Relations Therapy: Using the Relationship

    Sheldon Cashdan

    Cashdan's expertise as a teacher is amply demonstrated as he outlines the steps of object relations therapy, from engagement, through identification and confrontation within the therapy relationship--those centering around issues of dependency, sexuality, power, and ingratiation.More

  5. Book ImageSelf Psychology in Clinical Social Work

    Miriam Elson

    Self psychology has a particular theoretical and clinical fit with social work practice, enhancing and deepening the treatment process with both children and adults and in individual and family therapy.More

  6. Book ImageMeaning-Making: Therapeutic Processes in Adult Development

    Mary Baird Carlsen

    Can patients create new meanings?More

  7. Book ImageThe Challenge of the Borderline Patient: Competency in Diagnosis and Treatment

    Jerome Kroll

    Borderline personality is one of the most confusing and controversial psychiatric disorders.More

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