Period Histories

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  1. Book ImageJazz: Essential Listening

    Scott DeVeaux, Gary Giddins

    The #1 text in the market—now in an Essentials Edition.More

  2. Book ImageEverybody Says Freedom: A History of the Civil Rights Movement in Songs and Pictures

    Pete Seeger, Bob Reiser, Jesse Jackson

    “Filled with beautiful music, glorious lyrics, and the soul of one of the most important historical and social revolutions of our history.” —Judy CollinsMore

  3. Book ImageThe Second String Quartet in F-Sharp Minor: Opus 10

    Arnold Schoenberg, Severine Neff

    Arnold Schoenberg’s Second String Quartet revolutionized western art music.More

  4. Book ImageBaroque Music: Music in Western Europe, 1580–1750

    John Walter Hill

    John Walter Hill’s highly anticipated text presents a broad survey of the music of Western Europe from 1580 to 1750.More

  5. Book ImageAnthology of Baroque Music

    John Walter Hill

    The Anthology of Baroque Music contains 130 carefully selected scores for the compositions highlighted in Baroque Music.More

  6. Book ImageMusic in European Capitals: The Galant Style, 1720–1780

    Daniel Heartz

    A glittering cultural tour of Europe's major capitals during a period of intense musical change.More

  7. Book ImageSymphony No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 98

    Johannes Brahms, Kenneth Hull

    The Norton Critical Score of Brahm's Fourth Symphony is the latest volume in this highly-regarded series, in which an authoritative score--here the first edition as corrected by the composer--is combined with illuminating essays and documents for an in-depth study of the work.More

  8. Book ImageMusic in the Age of the Renaissance

    Leeman L. Perkins

    A richly detailed portrait of the music and surrounding culture in one of history's most creative eras.More

  9. Book ImageAnthology of Renaissance Music

    Allan W. Atlas

    In this carefully selected anthology—the author of Renaissance Music presents full scores for all the music highlighted in the companion text—a total of 102 works of complete movements by some 75 composers.More

  10. Book ImageRenaissance Music: Music in Western Europe, 1400–1600

    Allan W. Atlas

    Renaissance Music, by Allan W. Atlas, is a formidable new addition to Norton’s Introduction to Music History series.More

  11. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: The Baroque Era

    Leo Treitler, Margaret Murata

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 4

    Though traditionally labeled "Baroque," the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries in music could as easily be termed "early modern," since many of the genres that are popular today—were established during that time.More

  12. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: The Late Eighteenth Century

    Leo Treitler, Wye Jamison Allanbrook

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 5

    In The Late Eighteenth Century, Wye Jamison Allanbrook presents twenty-six readings that reveal how the music establishment of 1750-1800 saw itself.More

  13. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: Greek Views of Music

    Leo Treitler, Thomas J. Mathiesen

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 1

    How did the ancient Greeks regard music? In many different ways, as the readings in Greek Views of Music reveal.More

  14. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: The Early Christian Period and the Latin Middle Ages

    Leo Treitler, James McKinnon

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 2

    This book began as an attempt to carry out a suggestion made in 1929 by Carl Engle in his "Views and reviews"—to fulfill his wish for "a living record of musical personalities, events, conditions, tastes... a history of music faithfully and entirely carved from contemporary accounts."More

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