Environmental Science

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  1. Book ImageThe Beast in the Garden: The True Story of a Predator's Deadly Return to Suburban America

    David Baron

    "Reads like a crime novel . . . each chapter ends on a cliff-hanging note."—Seattle TimesMore

  2. Book ImageThe Book of Life: An Illustrated History of the Evolution of Life on Earth

    Stephen Jay Gould

    Second Edition

    A new edition of the beautifully illustrated depiction of the dramatic story of survival and extinction.More

  3. Book ImageThe Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

    Edward O. Wilson

    The book that launched a movement: “Wilson speaks with a humane eloquence which calls to us all” (Oliver Sacks).

  4. Book ImageEarth: The Sequel: The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming

    Miriam Horn, Fred Krupp

    How to harness the great forces of capitalism to save the world from catastrophe.More

  5. Book ImageEnergy, Environment, and Climate

    Richard Wolfson

    Third Edition

    An engaging exploration of energy’s impactMore

  6. Book ImageFighting for Survival: Environmental Decline, Social Conflict, and the New Age of Insecurity

    Michael Renner

    This new book from the Worldwatch Institute sketches the shape of a new balance in security investments--one that de-emphasizes military means and territorial security and accentuates the environmental aspects of security.More

  7. Book ImageHow Many People Can the Earth Support

    Joel E. Cohen

    A compelling new analysis of world population issues and what the numbers tell us. . . .More

  8. Book ImageHow Much Is Enough?: The Consumer Society and the Future of the Earth

    Alan Durning

    An account of the detrimental effects of consumption and consumer behaviour on the world's natural environment.More

  9. Book ImageHumans in the Landscape: An Introduction to Environmental Studies

    Kai N. Lee, William Freudenburg, Richard Howarth

    A true synthesis for environmental studies.More

  10. Book ImageIf You Love This Planet: A Plan to Save the Earth

    Helen Caldicott

    Revised and updated

    “Helen Caldicott has the rare ability to combine science with passion, logic with love, and urgency with humor.” —Naomi KleinMore

  11. Book ImageThe Legacy of Chernobyl

    Zhores Medvedev

    "A damning history of the Chernobyl affair, from its origins in the plant's primitive design and careless management to the economic and political crisis the accident precipitated." —Clenn Garelik, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  12. Book ImageLife Out of Bounds: Bioinvasion in a Borderless World

    Chris Bright

    The first general-interest study of the global spread of alien, "exotic" organisms and how they are undermining the world's ecosystems and societies.More

  13. Book ImageNuclear Madness: What You Can Do

    Helen Caldicott

    "As a physician, I contend that nuclear technology threatens life on our planet with extinction. If present trends continue, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink will soon be contaminated with enough radioactive pollutants to pose a potential health hazard far greater than any plague humanity has ever experienced."--Helen CaldicottMore

  14. Book ImageOut of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil

    David Goodstein

    Science tells us that an oil crisis is inevitable. Why and when? And what will our future look like without our favorite fuel?More

  15. Book ImagePillar of Sand: Can the Irrigation Miracle Last?

    Sandra Postel

    The overriding lesson from history is that most irrigation-based civilizations fail. As we enter the third millennium the question arises: Will ours be any different?More

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