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  1. Book ImageThe Decoration of Houses

    Ogden Codman, Jr., Edith Wharton

    In addition to her fame as a novelist, Edith Wharton has now been recognized as an arbiter of taste and correct usage in the making of domestic interior rooms, and Odgen Codman, Jr., has achieved recognition as a revivalist architect of the first rank.More

  2. Book ImageCast-Iron Architecture in America: The Significance of James Bogardus

    Carol Gayle, Margot Gayle

    The first book on the life and work of the pioneer of American cast-iron architecture.

  3. Book ImageTips on Type

    Bill Gray, Scott Wills

    A concise introduction to the time-honored fundamentals of typography and the digital revolution.More

  4. Book ImageThe Library of Congress: Its Construction, Architecture, and Decoration

    John Y. Cole, Henry Hope Reed

    A handsomely illustrated tribute to the Library of Congress building, published to coincide with its one hundredth anniversary.More

  5. Book ImageThe Design of Renovations

    Donald Friedman, Nathaniel Oppenheimer

    A guide to renovation design for architects and engineers.More

  6. Book ImageComputer Tips: For Artists, Designers, and Desktop Publishers

    Scott Wills

    A collection of techniques, shortcuts, work-arounds, and good advice for anyone who prepares desktop publications.More

  7. Book ImageLong Island Country Houses and Their Architects, 1860-1940

    Anthony Baker, Robert B. MacKay, Carol A. Traynor, Et Al.

    An illustrated treasury of the most magnificent Long Island mansions and a compendium of the architects who designed them.More

  8. Book ImageMaster Builders: Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright

    Peter Blake

    The story of modern architecture is told here through the lives and works of three men who changed the face of the cities we live in.More

  9. Book ImageLester Beall: Trailblazer of American Graphic Design

    R. Roger Remington

    Lester Beall, who died in 1969, was the first graphic designer to receive a one-man exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (in 1937) and was awarded the 1993 Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Institute of Graphic Artists, a sign of his importance in American graphic design.

  10. Book ImageLettering Tips: For Artists, Graphic Designers, and Calligraphers

    Bill Gray, Paul Shaw

    Timesaving techniques for producing well-formed, good-looking lettering in all the major styles.More

  11. Book ImageComplete Studio Tips

    Bill Gray, Paul Shaw

    A treasury of practical solutions for graphic arts problems, Complete Studio Tips offers hundreds of easy, clever suggestions for the commonplace problems encountered by amateur and professional artists, graphic designers, desktop publishers, calligraphers, hobbyists, and others who work with illustration, layout, lettering, and print.More

  12. Book ImageTextiles: A Handbook for Designers

    Marypaul Yates

    Revised Edition

    Practical information usually gained only through years of work experience and word of mouth is presented in this handbook for textile designers, students, interior designers and others who use textiles in their work.More

  13. Book ImageTypographers on Type

    Ruari McLean

    This anthology of key writing about the typographic arts has been assembled by Ruari McLean, himself a designer and a leading writer on graphic design subjects.More

  14. Book ImageIdentifying American Architecture: A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, 1600-1945

    John J. G. Blumenson

    What styles of architecture are found in your neighborhood--Georgian, Prairie, International, Spanish, Colonial Revival?

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