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  1. Book ImageComics and Sequential Art: Principles and Practices from the Legendary Cartoonist

    Will Eisner

    "Comics and Sequential Art is a masterwork, the distillation of Will Eisner's genius to a clear and potent elixir."—Michael Chabon, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.More

  2. Book ImageGraphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative

    Will Eisner

    "There isn't a comics artists alive who hasn't benefited from Will Eisner's masterful work and formidable wisdom."—Scott McCloud, author of Understanding ComicsMore

  3. Book ImageExpressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative: Principles and Practices from the Legendary Cartoonist

    Will Eisner

    The final volume of Will Eisner’s celebrated instructional trilogy explores the critical principle of body grammar in comics storytelling.More

  4. Book ImageA New History of Animation

    Maureen Furniss

    A brand-new, comprehensive history of world animationMore

  5. Book ImageGateways to Drawing: A Complete Guide

    Stephen CP Gardner

    Designed for flexibilityMore

  6. Book ImageGateways to Drawing Sketchbook

    Stephen CP Gardner

    First Edition

    This versatile sketchbook is an ideal companion for Gateways to Drawing, preparing students with visual research skills and offering many ways to master those skills by doing. The sketchbook includes author and student examples, as well as plenty of blank pages that can be...More