Clinical Psychology

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  1. Book ImageFamily Evaluation

    Murray Bowen, Michael E. Kerr

    The concepts of Murray Bowen, one of the founders of family therapy and the originator of family systems theory, are brought together here in an integrative fashion.More

  2. Book ImageRituals in Families and Family Therapy

    Evan Imber-Black, Janine Roberts, Richard A. Whiting

    Daily rituals, holiday traditions, and rites of passage mark our time, create unforgettable memories, and define us as individuals, family members, and community participants.More

  3. Book ImageObject Relations Therapy: Using the Relationship

    Sheldon Cashdan

    Cashdan's expertise as a teacher is amply demonstrated as he outlines the steps of object relations therapy, from engagement, through identification and confrontation within the therapy relationship--those centering around issues of dependency, sexuality, power, and ingratiation.More

  4. Book ImageSiblings in Therapy: Life Span and Clinical Issues

    Michael D. Kahn, Karen Gail Lewis

    Brothers and sisters powerfully influence one another's personality development, social adaptation, emotional vitality, family experience, and life choices in love and work.

    This book marks psychotherapy's long overdue recognition of the importance of sibling relationships. The contributors, all experienced psychotherapists, trace the sibling bond through the life span, covering an array of normative and clinical issues.


  5. Book ImageSelf Psychology in Clinical Social Work

    Miriam Elson

    Self psychology has a particular theoretical and clinical fit with social work practice, enhancing and deepening the treatment process with both children and adults and in individual and family therapy.More

  6. Book ImageMeaning-Making: Therapeutic Processes in Adult Development

    Mary Baird Carlsen

    Can patients create new meanings?More

  7. Book ImageThe Challenge of the Borderline Patient: Competency in Diagnosis and Treatment

    Jerome Kroll

    Borderline personality is one of the most confusing and controversial psychiatric disorders.More

  8. Book ImageHumanizing the Narcissistic Style

    Stephen M. Johnson

    The narcissistic style is rooted in the individual’s family and early childhood and is an endemic result of our culture’s material perfectionism.

  9. Book ImageTurning Points: Treating Families in Transition and Crisis

    Frank Pittman

    "Turning Points is filled with the profundity of common sense. ... Pittman captures the absurdity of family life and reminds us that therapy can be fun."—Peggy Papp, ACSW, Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy.More

  10. Book ImageHandbook of Cognitive Therapy Techniques

    Rian E. McMullin

    "An excellent basic text for graduate courses in psychotherapy and counseling across the professions of psychology, counseling, nursing, and social work."—The Behavior TherapistMore

  11. Book ImageFamily Reconstruction: Long Day's Journey into Light

    William F. Nerin

    "This book will be helpful not only to members and students in Avanta Network and those acquainted with my work, but to all those seeking new dimensions to their lives. It is an important first step. It generously and authentically documents the general method, process and outcomes of five reconstructions, one in great detail....I feel pleased and honored that I have been a midwife to what is turning out to be a very important contribution in developing guidelines toward becoming more fully human."--Virginia SatirMore

  12. Book ImageWorking with Families of the Mentally Ill

    Kayla F. Bernheim, Anthony F. Lehman

    This book is the practical guide to integrating educational, behavioral and supportive techniques to assist families in helping their chronically ill relatives as well as themselves.More

  13. Book ImageCharacterological Transformation: The Hard Work Miracle

    Stephen M. Johnson

    “[H]ighly recommended as a uniquely sensitive and intelligent interpretation of the personal dynamics of character structure and the correlating contributions of ego psychology to these dynamics.” —Robert M. Hilton, Ph.D., Co-director, Southern California Bioenergetics SocietyMore

  14. Book ImageFishing for Barracuda: Pragmatics of Brief Systemic Theory

    Joel S. Bergman

    Fishing For Barracuda? Is this a book about therapy? Most certainly!More

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