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  1. Book ImageSuccessful Writing

    Maxine Hairston, Michael Keene

    Fifth Edition

    W. W. Norton & Company is pleased to announce the Fifth Edition of Successful Writing by Maxine Hairston and Michael Keene.More

  2. Book ImageThe Norton Book of Nature Writing

    John Elder, Robert Finch

    College Edition

    W. W. Norton is pleased to announce that The Norton Book of Nature Writing is now available in a paperback college edition.More

  3. Book ImageLiteracies: Reading, Writing, Interpretation

    Terence Brunk, Suzanne Diamond, Priscilla Perkins, Et Al.

    Second Edition

    Literacies provides students with engaging selections on complex issues that resist easy answers.More

  4. Book ImageWriting on the Job: A Norton Pocket Guide

    John Brereton, Margaret A. Mansfield

    Updated Edition

    Writing on the Job is the first handy reference guide for professional writing students.More

  5. Book ImageA Short Course in Grammar

    Paul J. Hopper

    New for grammar courses, A Short Course in Grammar offers a streamlined, thorough presentation in an easy to use format.More

  6. Book ImageWriting Essentials: A Norton Pocket Guide

    Dawn Rodrigues, Myron C. Tuman

    Second Edition

    Writing Essentials combines the essentials of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and documentation with practical suggestions for writing online.More

  7. Book ImageProgressions: Readings for Writers

    Betsy S. Hilbert

    Designed to improve students’ reading and writing abilities, Progressions opens with short, accessible selections that can be read and reread quickly and builds to longer, more academic readings that call for and develop increased attention spans, greater vocabulary skills, and more advanced comprehension and critical reading abilities.More

  8. Book ImageTelling Stories: An Anthology for Writers

    Joyce Carol Oates

    Drawing on syllabi for Joyce Carol Oates’s own writing seminar at Princeton University, Telling Stories gathers over one hundred works of narrative art—"miniature" narratives, dramatic monologues, early stories by well-known writers, prose pieces inspired by myth, legend, and folktale, poems that tell stories, memoir and diary excerpts, two examples of genre fiction, and a generous sampling of classic and contemporary short stories—selected to stimulate and inspire beginning writers as they practice and perfect their craft.More

  9. Book ImageWriting Research Papers: A Norton Guide

    Melissa Walker

    Fourth Edition

    This in-depth, process-oriented guide takes students through the research process step-by-step, following five students from across the disciplines throughout their research projects—from developing interests, investigating sources, and focusing ideas to drafting, revising, and producing finished papers.More

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