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  1. Book ImageJoseph Andrews with Shamela and Related Writings

    Henry Fielding, Homer Goldberg

    This Norton Critical Edition reprints the authoritative Wesleyan text of Joseph Andrews, edited by Martin Battestin.More

  2. Book ImageDead Souls

    Nikolai Gogol, George Gibian

    Few literary works have been so variously interpreted as Nikolai Gogol’s enduring comic masterpiece, Dead Souls.More

  3. Book ImageFar from the Madding Crowd

    Thomas Hardy, Robert C. Schweik

    This Norton Critical Edition is based on the 1912 Wessex edition, emended to correct errors which have crept into the text from the manuscript onward.More

  4. Book ImageMaggie: A Girl of the Streets

    Stephen Crane, Thomas A. Gullason

    Maggie: A Girl of the Streets was the first major naturalistic novel in America.More

  5. Book ImageThe Egoist

    George Meredith, Robert M. Adams

    This edition of Meredith's satirical novel of manners reprints the text of 1897, which incorporated Meredith's revisions to the first edition of 1879.More

  6. Book ImageBleak House

    Charles Dickens, George Ford, Sylvere Monod

    This authoritative text of Bleak House was the first to be established by a comparative study of all the surviving versions of Dickens’ novel, incorporating evidence from the original manuscript and corrected proofs.More

  7. Book ImageThe Writings of Jonathan Swift

    Jonathan Swift, Robert A. Greenberg, William B. Piper

    This volume contains the complete and definitive texts of virtually all of Swift's major works, as well as a generous selection of his poetry and other writings.More

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