World Literature

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  1. Book ImageIbsen's Selected Plays

    Henrik Ibsen, Brian Johnston

    Ibsen ascended to the first ranks of European writers in the late nineteenth century and has remained there ever since.More

  2. Book ImageModern African Drama

    Biodun Jeyifo

    The first truly continentally representative collection of modern African drama in any language, this Norton Critical Edition includes plays from Egypt, Algeria, the Republic of South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Kenya.More

  3. Book ImageThe Literature of Australia: An Anthology

    Nicholas Jose, Thomas Keneally

    College Edition

    “Unprecedented in the breadth of what it offers from both the ancient and the recent literature of my country.”—Thomas Keneally, from the foreword

  4. Book ImageDubliners

    James Joyce, Margot Norris

    Dubliners is arguably the best-known and most influential collection of short stories written in English, and has been since its publication in 1914.More

  5. Book ImageA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

    James Joyce, John Paul Riquelme

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is one of the twentieth century’s great coming-of-age novels.More

  6. Book ImageKafka's Selected Stories

    Franz Kafka, Stanley Corngold

    In 1945, W. H. Auden remarked that Kafka stands in the same relation to his century as Shakespeare does to his—Kafka is the representative of the twentieth century, the poet who gives it its voice.More

  7. Book ImageDie Verwandlung

    Franz Kafka, Marjorie L. Hoover, Jack M. Stein

    Kafka's stories are nightmarish tales in which a helpless central character's every move is controlled by heartless, impersonal forces.More

  8. Book ImageThe Metamorphosis

    Franz Kafka, Mark M. Anderson, Susan Bernofsky

    Franz Kafka's 1915 novella of nightmarish transformation became a worldwide classic and remains a century later one of the most widely read works of fiction in the world. This new and acclaimed translation is accompanied by possible inspirations and critical analysis of Gregor Samsa's strange story.More

  9. Book ImageThe Princess of Clèves

    Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette, John D. Lyons

    The Princess of Cleves, often called the first modern French novel, was published anonymously in 1678 and was received with enthusiasm by its contemporary audience.More

  10. Book ImageSunshine Sketches of a Little Town

    Stephen Leacock, D. M. R. Bentley

    Canada’s answer to Mark Twain and Charles Dickens, Stephen Leacock was a master of humor and characterization.More

  11. Book ImageThe Prince

    Niccolò Machiavelli, Robert M. Adams

    Second Edition

    Robert M. Adams’s superb translation of Machiavelli’s best-known work is again the basis for this Norton Critical Edition.More

  12. Book ImageThe Prince: A Norton Critical Edition

    Niccolò Machiavelli, Wayne A. Rebhorn

    Third Edition

    “A highly-readable translation and very inclusive selection of critical responses, making this the best edition of the text for an undergraduate readership.”  —Christian M. Billing, University of Hull  

    “It is quite thorough for one semester, and bears up well for ongoing study. This is a very well-thought-out concept for such a seminal work.  It more than meets the requirements for my upper-level undergraduate courses.”  —Jeff Steele, Principia College


  13. Book ImageDeath in Venice

    Thomas Mann, Clayton Koelb

    Thomas Mann is widely acknowledged as the greatest German novelist of this century. His 1912 novella Death in Venice is the most frequently read example of Mann's early work.More

  14. Book ImageKatherine Mansfield's Selected Stories

    Katherine Mansfield, Vincent O'Sullivan

    This Norton Critical Edition includes thirty-five of Katherine Mansfield’s short stories with explanatory annotations.More

  15. Book ImageThe English Bible, King James Version: The Old Testament

    Herbert Marks

    Volume(s): 1

    A stunning work of scholarship, the Norton Critical Edition of The English Bible, King James Version, is the most accessible edition available.More

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