Corporate Architecture

Building a Brand

Alejandro Bahamón (Editor), Ana Cañizares (Editor), Antonio Corcuera (Editor)


How the fashion, banking, automotive, and telecommunications industries use architecture as a tool of marketing strategy.

In the fiercely competitive corporate world, brands are obliged to search for sophisticated marketing strategies in order to outshine their competitors and rise above the rest. The implementation of architecture as a marketing tool in order to “build” a corporate image is a phenomenon that in the twenty-first century has produced exceptional buildings designed by world-famous architects to elevate the status of prestigious firms through their association with iconic structures. Corporate Architecture offers an in-depth analysis of this growing trend, exploring not only the buildings themselves but also the history of each firm and its relation to evolving design concepts.

Drawn from around the world, the projects documented in these pages in brilliant color photographs and in architects’ sketches, plans, and sections, are:

  • Fashion: Prada • Christian Dior • Tod’s • Chanel • Louis Vuitton • Uniqlo • Mikimoto • Herchcovitch • Gucci
  • Banking: Borkener Volksbank • Interbank • Caja de Granada • ING • Nord/LB • FIH • Sampension A/S • VP Bank • ABN Amro • MUFG • J. Van Breda • KfW
  • Telecommunications: Telefónica • Nortel • T-Mobile • Dogan Media Group • KPN • Vodafone • Google
  • Automotive: Bugatti • Mercedes Benz • Renault • Toyota • Ferrari • Volkswagen • Citroën • BMW • Mini

Book Details

  • Hardcover
  • October 2009
  • ISBN 978-0-393-73305-1
  • 8.7 × 11.1 in / 504 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

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