Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) was born in England and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. His long career established him as one of the most influential philosophers, mathematicians, and social reformers of the twentieth century.


Books by Bertrand Russell

  1. Book CoverThe Conquest of Happiness

    “Should be read by every parent, teacher, minister, and Congressman in the land.”—The AtlanticMore

  2. Book CoverEducation and the Good Life

    One of the Great Classic Books on Education by Nobel Prize Winner Bertrand Russell.More

  3. Book CoverMarriage and Morals

    The fireworks fly when the great Bertrand Russell writes about a subject as provocative as marriage and morals. But they are a rational and devastatingly logical kind of fireworks . . . for that was the nature of the man.More

  4. Book CoverThe Principles of Mathematics

    Russell's classic The Principles of Mathematics sets forth his landmark thesis that mathematics and logic are identical—that what is commonly called mathematics is simply later deductions from logical premises.More