James Thomas

James Thomas has received a Stegner Fellowship, a Michener Fellowship, and two NEA grants. He lives in Xenia, Ohio.

Books by James Thomas

  1. Book CoverThe Best of the West 4: New Stories from the West Side of the Missouri

    “We’re seeing a reinvention of our regional storytelling. It is our great good fortune. James and Denise Thomas are to be praised and praised.” —William KittredgeMore

  2. Book CoverFlash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories

    The eagerly anticipated anthology from the editors who coined the term “flash,” with stories by today’s best fiction writers.


  3. Book CoverFlash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World

    A dazzling new anthology of the very best very short fiction from around the world.More

  4. Book CoverFlash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories

    "These stories are not merely flashes in the pan; there's pay dirt here!" —DeWitt Henry, editor of PloughsharesMore

  5. Book CoverNew Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction

    A new collection of very short stories selected by Flash Fiction editor James Thomas and Robert Scotellaro.More

  6. Book CoverNew Sudden Fiction: Short-Short Stories from America and Beyond

    An all-new volume—students and lovers of literature take note: this is serious writing that's fun to read.More

  7. Book CoverSudden Fiction (Continued): 60 New Short-Short Stories

    Succinct, superior, surprising—it all adds up to Sudden Fiction (Continued), a stellar collection of sixty short-shorts from the editors of Sudden Fiction and Sudden Fiction International.More

  8. Book CoverSudden Fiction Latino: Short-Short Stories from the United States and Latin America

    For readers who love great short-short stories, this bountiful anthology is the best of Latin American and U.S. Latino writers.More