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Edward O. Wilson

Edward O. Wilson is widely recognized as one of the world’s preeminent biologists and naturalists. The author of more than thirty books, including Half-EarthThe Social Conquest of Earth, The Meaning of Human Existence, and Letters to a Young Scientist, Wilson is a professor emeritus at Harvard University. The winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, he lives with his wife, Irene Wilson, in Lexington, Massachusetts.


Books by Edward O. Wilson

  1. Book CoverAnthill: A Novel

    The two-time Pulitzer Prize–winning biologist delivers "an astonishing literary achievement" (Anthony Gottlieb, The Economist).More

  2. Book CoverThe Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

    The book that launched a movement: “Wilson speaks with a humane eloquence which calls to us all” (Oliver Sacks).

  3. Book CoverFrom So Simple a Beginning: Darwin's Four Great Books

    Slipcased Edition

    Hailed as "superior" by Nature, this landmark volume is  available in a collectible, boxed edition.More

  4. Book CoverGenesis: The Deep Origin of Societies

    Forming a twenty-first-century statement on Darwinian evolution, one shorn of “religious and political dogma,” Edward O. Wilson offers a bold work of scientific thought and synthesis.More

  5. Book CoverHalf-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life

    "An audacious and concrete proposal…Half-Earth completes the 86-year-old Wilson’s valedictory trilogy on the human animal and our place on the planet." —Jedediah Purdy, New RepublicMore

  6. Book CoverThe Leafcutter Ants: Civilization by Instinct

    From the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors of The Ants comes this dynamic and visually spectacular portrait of Earth's ultimate superorganism.More

  7. Book CoverLetters to a Young Scientist

    Pulitzer Prize–winning biologist Edward O. Wilson imparts the wisdom of his storied career to the next generation.More

  8. Book CoverThe Meaning of Human Existence

    National Book Award Finalist. How did humanity originate and why does a species like ours exist on this planet? Do we have a special place, even a destiny in the universe? Where are we going, and perhaps, the most difficult question of all, "Why?"More

  9. Book CoverThe Social Conquest of Earth

    From the most celebrated heir to Darwin comes a groundbreaking book on evolution, the summa work of Edward O. Wilson's legendary career.More

  10. Book CoverThe Superorganism: The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning authors of The Ants render the extraordinary lives of the social insects in this visually spectacular volume.More

  11. Book CoverWhy We Are Here: Mobile and the Spirit of a Southern City

    From this historic collaboration between a beloved naturalist and a great American photographer emerges a South we’ve never encountered before.More