Joseph Roth

Joseph Roth (1894-1939) was the great elegist of the cosmopolitan culture that flourished in the dying days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He published several books and articles before his untimely death at the age of 44. Roth’s writing has been admired by J. M. Coetzee, Jeffrey Eugenides, Elie Wiesel, and Nadine Gordimer, among many others.

Books by Joseph Roth

  1. Book CoverThe Collected Stories of Joseph Roth

    The Collected Stories, in its variety and force, is the essential introduction to the fiction of Joseph Roth.More

  2. Book CoverJoseph Roth: A Life in Letters

    The monumentality of this biographical work further establishes Joseph Roth—with Kafka, Mann, and Musil—in the twentieth-century literary canon.More

  3. Book CoverReport From a Parisian Paradise: Essays from France, 1925-1939

    The wisdom of a lost generation distilled in a bottle of Calvados.More

  4. Book CoverThe Wandering Jews

    The classic portrait of a vanished people.More

  5. Book CoverWhat I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-1933

    "[Joseph Roth] is now recognized as one of the twentieth century's great writers."—Anthony Heilbut, Los Angeles Times Book ReviewMore