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Thomas Lynch

Thomas Lynch has authored five collections of poetry, one of stories, and four books of essays, including National Book Award Finalist The Undertaking. He works as a funeral director in Milford, Michigan, and teaches at the Bear River Writer’s Conference.


Books by Thomas Lynch

  1. Book CoverApparition & Late Fictions: A Novella and Stories

    "Lynch has added another chapter to one of the most memorable records in American letters."—William Giraldi, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  2. Book CoverBodies in Motion and at Rest: On Metaphor and Mortality

    Masterful essays that illuminate not only how we die but also how we live.More

  3. Book CoverBooking Passage: We Irish and Americans

    "A good read even for those who have not the least ancestral or national bias—for those who desire civilized entertainment along with brilliant narrative." —Seattle TimesMore

  4. Book CoverThe Depositions: New and Selected Essays on Being and Ceasing to Be

    A wry and compassionate selection of essays reflecting on mortals and mortality, from the acclaimed author of The Undertaking.More

  5. Book CoverStill Life in Milford: Poems

    A collection of poems by the highly acclaimed author of The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, a National Book Award finalist.More

  6. Book CoverThe Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade

    A National Book Award Finalist: "One of the most life-affirming books I have read in a long time…brims with humanity, irreverence, and invigorating candor." —Tom Vanderbilt, The NationMore

  7. Book CoverWalking Papers: Poems

    “Light in tone, [these poems] are at their core deadly serious. . . . They celebrate life, love, death, and literature.”—Library JournalMore