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A. R. Ammons

A. R. Ammons’s (1926–2001) was a two-time winner of the National Book Award and the recipient of a National Book Critics Circle Award. His many additional honors include the Academy of American Poets’ Wallace Stevens Award, the Bollingen Prize, the Poetry Society of America’s Robert Frost Medal, the Ruth Lilly Prize, and fellowships from the Guggenheim and MacArthur Foundations.


Books by A. R. Ammons

  1. Book CoverBosh and Flapdoodle: Poems

    "No other contemporary poet, in America, is likelier to become a classic than A. R. Ammons."—Harold BloomMore

  2. Book CoverBriefings: Poems Small and Easy

    Briefings brings together more than eighty short lyrics that, as Harold Bloom writes, "maintain an utterly consistent purity of detached yet radiant vision."More

  3. Book CoverA Coast of Trees

    This collection of shorter poems won the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1981.More

  4. Book CoverCollected Poems, 1951-1971

    A reissue of a body of work spanning two decades from one of our most treasured poets.More

  5. Book CoverThe Complete Poems of A. R. Ammons: Volume 2 1978-2005

    An essential volume from “a master maker” (Richard Howard).More

  6. Book CoverCorsons Inlet: A Book of Poems

    Corson's Inlet is A. R. Ammons's third book of poems.More

  7. Book CoverDiversifications: Poems

    Diversifications is a collection of shorter poems by the poet whose Collected Poems won the National Book Award.More

  8. Book CoverGarbage: A Poem

    Winner of the National Book Award.More

  9. Book CoverGlare

    "Glare is a high-energy, relentlessly self-aware collision with the whole of life."—Albert Mobilio, SalonMore

  10. Book CoverLake Effect Country: Poems

    Lake Effect Country is the newest collection by the poet whom the critic Josephine Jacobsen has described as "a formidable and outstandingly original contributor to the best of American poetry."More

  11. Book CoverNorthfield Poems

    Mr. Ammons' poetry has appeared in such publications as the Hudson Review, The Nation (for which he was at one time poetry editor), the New York Times, Poetry, and the Partisan Review.More

  12. Book CoverOmmateum: With Doxology: Poems

    “Oracular, almost biblical at times, and as deeply embedded in the particulars of nature as the superb later poetry.”—John AshberyMore

  13. Book CoverThe Really Short Poems of A. R. Ammons

    “Filled with sharp irony and passionate insight, the more than 100 poems in the collection span the career of one of the deans of contemporary poetry. . . . Ammons makes you laugh and forces you to think hard about the way humans relate to natural phenomena and to themselves. From such simple, short expression emerge complex, often confounding ideas. New readers of poetry as well as those with an active interest in lyric verse will love this volume.”—BooklistMore

  14. Book CoverSelected Longer Poems

    Readers already familiar with Ammons’s longer mode in other books will welcome this new collection, while those familiar only with the shorter poems will find their appreciation of his work both deepened and heightened. The Selected Poems: 1951-1977 was described by one critic as “an indispensable book”; Selected Longer Poems is an indispensable companion to it.More

  15. Book CoverThe Selected Poems

    Expanded Edition

    A. R. Ammons's selection of his work once again, as the critic Harold Bloom wrote of the earlier version, "makes available the very best of him."More

  16. Book CoverThe Snow Poems

    The Snow Poems is the most recent book of poetry by an author who has been called "perhaps the most imaginative, innovative poet writing today."More

  17. Book CoverSphere: The Form of a Motion

    "There wasn't one page of his poem that didn't delight me."—Donald Davie, New York Review of BooksMore

  18. Book CoverTape for the Turn of the Year

    “This is the most surprising formal invention of a major innovator, is the fullest vision Ammons gives us of his enormous creative enterprise. Among the major descendents of Whitman’s Song of Myself, Tape occupies an essential imaginative space, showing us much about what is essential in the American poetic imagination.” —Harold BloomMore

  19. Book CoverUplands: New Poems

    This book collects many of the poems that A. R. Ammons wrote between 1964 and 1970. The poems here include brief lyrics and such longer works as "Summer Session 1968" and "Guitar Recicativos."More

  20. Book CoverWorldly Hopes: Poems

    "A maker who would have delighted Whitman and Emerson."—Harold BloomMore