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Denise Giardina

Denise Giardina is the author of Storming Heaven, Emily's Ghost, and Saints and Villains, which won the Boston Book Review Prize. She is an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church and lives in Charleston, West Virginia.

Books by Denise Giardina

  1. Book CoverEmily's Ghost: A Novel of the Brontë Sisters

    "Denise Giardina’s extraordinary gift for conjuring voices of the past has never been more bewitchingly deployed than here in Emily’s Ghost—a romance so tormentedly devoted to its struggle toward truth that Brontë herself would be proud of it." —Madison Smartt BellMore

  2. Book CoverFallam's Secret: A Novel

    A master storyteller delivers an historical novel with a twist-what will become of a modern American woman in Cromwell's England?More

  3. Book CoverThe Unquiet Earth: A Novel

    Dillon Freeman returns from World War II to Blackberry Creek, West Virginia, where he confronts the coal mining industry as a union organizer and falls in love with his conventional cousin, Rachel. By the author of Storming Heaven.More