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James Phelps, MD

James Phelps, MD, is director of the Mood Disorders program at Samaritan Mental Health in Corvallis, Oregon, which serves a five-hospital system. Prior to joining Samaritan Mental Health, Dr. Phelps held a private practice in Corvallis while writing an internationally known website,, and teaching across the U.S. He is recognized as a national expert on the topic of bipolar disorder, and has published more than 15 books and journal articles pertaining to mental health.

Books by James Phelps, MD

  1. Book CoverBipolar, Not So Much: Understanding Your Mood Swings and Depression

    Approaching depression as a complex disorder with many different facets rather than all-or-nothing.More

  2. Book CoverA Spectrum Approach to Mood Disorders: Not Fully Bipolar but Not Unipolar—Practical Management

    How to understand your clients' true illnesses, not just their DSM checklists.More