Samantha Heller

Samantha Heller is aregistered dietitian, certified dietitian/nutritionist and exercise physiologist with a dual Master of Science degree in nutrition and applied physiology from Teachers’ College, Columbia University. Heller has appeared on Dr. Oz, CBS This Morning, the Today Show, and is the go-to expert on health for Prevention,, and the HuffingtonPost. She has her own show on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio, “The Samantha Heller Health & Nutrition Show.” As a senior clinical nutritionist at NYU Langone Medical Center’s Center for Musculoskeletal Care and Sports Performance Center, Heller works with patients and athletes to optimize health and performance. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Books by Samantha Heller

  1. Book CoverThe Only Cleanse: A 14-Day Natural Detox Plan to Jump-Start a Lifetime of Health

    News flash: Your body already knows how to detox; you just need to turn on the right cues to make it happen. Here's how, with a 14-day plan that will change your life forever.More