Christopher Uggen

Christopher Uggen is in the sociology department at the University of Minnesota. He studies crime, law, and deviance, especially how former prisoners manage to put their lives back together. He is co-editor of The Society Pages.

Books by Christopher Uggen

  1. Book CoverAssigned: Life with Gender

    Introduce students to the social science of gender.More

  2. Book CoverColor Lines and Racial Angles

    Assembling the most provocative, productive new thinking on race in one volume.More

  3. Book CoverCrime and the Punished

    An essential introduction to how sociologists think about and research crime and punishment.More

  4. Book CoverGetting Culture

    A provocative and useful introduction to all the different kinds of sociological research and writing that falls under the category of “cultural.”More

  5. Book CoverGive Methods a Chance

    A collection of short, accessible pieces designed to demystify the research process and show how methods are put into action.More

  6. Book CoverOwned

    An introduction to the new social science of debt.More

  7. Book CoverThe Social Side of Politics

    Assembling the most provocative new thinking on politics and political processes.More