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Todd Boss

Todd Boss is the author of the poetry collections Yellowrocket and Pitch, both honored by the Midwest Bookseller’s Choice Award, and most recently of the poetry collection Tough Luck. He is the founding artistic director of Motionpoems, a film company in Minneapolis.

Books by Todd Boss

  1. Book CoverPitch: Poems

    2012 Poetry Midwest Booksellers Choice Award winner

    "[Todd Boss] can make any rhyme feel like a concealed weapon." —Sherman AlexieMore

  2. Book CoverTough Luck: Poems

    Tough Luck is funny and philosophical and wry and large-hearted, and it’s our great good luck to have it.”—Beth Ann FennellyMore

  3. Book CoverYellowrocket: Poems

    “Sure to be a classic, and the beginning of a long and glorious career.”—Sherman AlexieMore