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Thomas Beller

Thomas Beller is the author of Seduction Theory, The Sleep-Over Artist and How to Be a Man. He is a founder and editor of Open City magazine and Mr. Beller’s He lives in New York City and New Orleans.


Books by Thomas Beller

  1. Book CoverBefore and After: Stories from New York

    True stories about New York before and after September 11—written by the people for whom the city is the stage set for their lives.More

  2. Book CoverHow to Be a Man: Scenes from a Protracted Boyhood

    From strip clubs to the Academy Awards to the basketball court—a ride through the landscape of guyhood.More

  3. Book CoverLost and Found: Stories from New York

    True stories from the Naked City—a tour of the subterranean psyche of New York.More

  4. Book CoverSeduction Theory: Stories

    "A touching collection of stories about love in the city....[An] exceptionally memorable...spirited collection."—TimeMore

  5. Book CoverThe Sleep-Over Artist: Fiction

    "In the same way Salinger carved out the niche of male adolescence ....Beller approaches that mutable boy-to-man territory."—San Francisco ChronicleMore