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  • March 2016
  • ISBN: 978-0-815-34505-3
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Janeway's Immunobiology

Ninth Edition


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Kenneth M. Murphy (Author), Casey Weaver (Author)


The definitive text—completely updated and revised

Explore the premier text for immunology at the advanced undergraduate, graduate, and medical school levels. Beginning students appreciate the book’s clear writing and informative illustrations, while advanced students and working immunologists value its comprehensive scope and depth. This edition is thoroughly revised and up to date with significant developments in the field, especially on the topic of innate immunity.


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A consistent viewpoint promotes understanding

This text presents the immune system from the point of view of the host’s interaction with an environment full of microbes and pathogens. New for the Ninth Edition, the text is now organized around the concept of modular immune responses, combining innate and adaptive immunity into effector modules and explaining the integration of the innate and adaptive immune response. 

Updated to reflect the latest research advances

The pace of discovery in immunology moves fast. New or expanded coverage includes: the latest developments on innate lymphoid cells and innate sensing mechanisms, including cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS) and activation of the STING pathway, an in-depth handling of follicular helper T cells and their role in B-cell class switching and affinity maturation, cytoskeletal reorganization and integrin activation in antigen receptor signaling, expanded coverage on Akt and mTOR signaling, and more. 

A dynamic art program helps students visualize important concepts

Students benefit from distinct and consistent iconography designed to enhance and extend the principles presented in the text. The full-color art program also features micrographs and photographs that have been thoroughly updated to include better images of protein structure and more precise micrographs, plus 100 new figures have been added. 

Tools to assess understanding

End-of-chapter questions have been completely revised and include a variety of question types to help students review important concepts. Additionally, the test bank, written by Leslie Berg (University of Massachusetts Medical School), features a comprehensive set of questions to assess student understanding.  

    Part I: An Introduction to Immunobiology and Innate Immunity
    Chapter 1: Basic Concepts in Immunology
    Chapter 2: Innate Immunity: The First Lines of Defense
    Chapter 3: The Induced Responses of Innate Immunity

    Part II: The Recognition of Antigen
    Chapter 4: Antigen Recognition by B-cell and T-cell Receptors
    Chapter 5: The Generation of Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors
    Chapter 6: Antigen Presentation to T Lymphocytes

    Part III: The Development of Mature Lymphocyte Receptor Repertoires
    Chapter 7: Lymphocyte Receptor Signaling
    Chapter 8: The Development and of B and T Lymphocytes

    Part IV: The Adaptive Immune Response
    Chapter 9: T-Cell-Mediated Immunity
    Chapter 10: The Humoral Immune Response
    Chapter 11: Integrated Dynamics of Innate and Adaptive Immunity
    Chapter 12: The Mucosal Immune System

    Part V: The Immune System in Health and Disease
    Chapter 13: Failures of Host Defense Mechanisms
    Chapter 14: Allergy and Allergic Diseases
    Chapter 15: Autoimmunity and Transplantation
    Chapter 16: Manipulation of the Immune Response