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  • November 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-28500-0
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    Norton Critical Editions

    Third Edition


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    Herman Melville (Author), Hershel Parker (Editor, University of Delaware)


    “One of the great strengths of this third edition is Hershel Parker’s inclusion of commentary on Moby-Dick from its publication in 1851 right into the 21st century to answer why Moby-Dick—boisterous, beautiful, filled with soaring language, forever questioning, and nearly 200 years old—is more popular than ever.” —MARY K. BERCAW EDWARDS, University of Connecticut

    This Norton Critical Edition includes:

    • Melville’s classic novel of whaling and revenge, based on Hershel Parker’s revision of the 1967 text edited by Harrison Hayford and Hershel Parker.
    • Twenty-six illustrations, including maps, contemporary engravings, and diagrams of whaleboat rigging.
    • Background and source materials centering on whaling and whalecraft, Melville’s international reception, the inspirations for Moby-Dick, and Melville’s related correspondence.
    • Forty-four reviews and interpretations of the novel spanning three centuries.
    • A revised and updated Selected Bibliography.

    About the Series

    Read by more than 12 million students over fifty-five years, Norton Critical Editions set the standard for apparatus that is right for undergraduate readers. The three-part format—annotated text, contexts, and criticism—helps students to better understand, analyze, and appreciate the literature, while opening a wide range of teaching possibilities for instructors. Whether in print or in digital format, Norton Critical Editions provide all the resources students need.


    Essays Written for Third Edition

    · "Kraken: Moby-Dick in Popular Culture" by Timothy Marr
    · "Melville and the Spoken Word" by Mary K. Bercaw Edwards and Wyn Kelley
    · "Moby-Dick and the Arts in the Early Twenty-First Century" by Robert K. Wallace, with illustrations
    · "Moby-Dick" by Jonathan Lethem
    · "Melville's Disentangling of Whales" by Roger Payne 

    Pedagogical Aids

    Glossary of Nautical Terms
    · Contemporary Engravings of Whale Hunts
    · Maps: Principle Ports of Southeastern New England; Melville's Voyages and the Route of the Pequod
    · List of Emendations
    · "Melville's Reading and Moby-Dick: An Overview and a Bibliography" 

    Essays First Printed in Norton Critical Edition

    · "Whaling and Whalecraft: A Pictorial Account" by John B. Putnam, with illustrations
    · "Before Moby-Dick: International Controversy over Melville" by Hershel Parker
    · "Glimpses of Melville as Performer," compiled by Hershel Parker
    · "Damned by Dollars: Moby-Dick and the Price of Genius" by Hershel Parker

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