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A New Approach to Sight Singing

Sixth Edition

Spiral Bound

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Sol Berkowitz (Author, Queens College, City University of New York), Gabriel Fontrier (Author, Queens College, City University of New York), Perry Goldstein (Author, Stony Brook University), Edward Smaldone (Author, Queens College, City University of New York)


A classic sight-singing anthology featuring an ideal blend of newly composed melodies and music from the literature.

A New Approach to Sight Singing combines author-composed exercises with carefully selected excerpts from the literature, all arranged for an ideal pedagogical progression.


Effective examples for developing sight-singing skills

A New Approach to Sight Singing features thousands of melodies, rhythms, ensembles, and sing-and-play exercises. For the Sixth Edition, melodies from the literature and newly composed melodies are presented in one chapter. Twentieth-century materials and rhythms have been revised to improve pacing; Roman numerals have been added to help students see the harmonic implications of melodic exercises; and ensembles have been expanded beyond the duets to include examples in a variety of configurations.  

Clear organization

The text is organized in four chapters by activity type—melodies, rhythms, ensembles, and sing-and-play—and within each chapter, activities are organized by difficulty, giving instructors the flexibility to focus on the activities of their choice.