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  • October 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-28841-4
  • 432 pages
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Ideas, Interactions, Institutions

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Lisa Wade (Author, Occidental College), Myra Marx Ferree (Author, University of Wisconsin, Madison)


A lively exploration of current questions of gender and their application to students today.

Wade and Ferree’s first edition textbook is a lively introduction to the sociology of gender. Probing questions, the same ones that students often bring to the course, frame readable chapters that are packed with the most up-to-date scholarship available—in language students will understand. The authors use memorable examples mined from pop culture, history, psychology, biology, and everyday life to truly engage students in the study of gender and spark interest in sociological perspectives.


    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Ideas
    Chapter 3: Bodies
    Chapter 4: Performances
    Chapter 5: Intersections
    Chapter 6: Inequality: Men and Masculinities
    Chapter 7: Inequality: Women and Femininities
    Chapter 8: Institutions
    Chapter 9: Change
    Chapter 10: Sexualities
    Chapter 11: Families
    Chapter 12: Work
    Chapter 13: Politics
    Chapter 14: Conclusion