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  • October 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93809-8
  • 704 pages
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    World Politics

    Interests, Interactions, Institutions

    Third Edition


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    Jeffry A. Frieden (Author, Harvard University), David A. Lake (Author, University of California, San Diego), Kenneth A. Schultz (Author, Stanford University)


    The analytical framework instructors love, with the tools and clarity students need.

    Why are there wars? Why do countries struggle to cooperate to prevent genocides or to protect the environment? Why are some countries rich while others are poor? Organized around the puzzles that draw scholars and students alike to the study of international relations, World Politics gives students the tools they need to think analytically about the field’s most compelling questions.


    New in-text and media features support the analytical framework

    A flexible, analytical framework based around interests, interactions, and institutions is introduced in Chapter 2, and then employed throughout the text. The Third Edition includes a wealth of new features—such as new “Thinking Analytically About…” sections, revised “What Shaped Our World?” boxes, and expanded Study Tool Kits, as well as tutorial interactives and Coursepack exercises—that demonstrate how this framework can be applied to real-world scenarios and used to explain international events.

    Engaging visuals illuminate key ideas and information

    A new design—featuring an accessible approach to conceptual diagrams, data figures, and explanatory captions—offers greater clarity and promotes student comprehension. Redesigned maps help students see how factors such as regime type, wealth, regional trade agreements, and environmental standards influence international relations.  

    An approach based on how political scientists understand international relations today

    Every chapter is organized around a major puzzle in world politics. This problem-oriented approach emphasizes the compelling questions that draw scholars and students alike to the study of international relations. The text then draws on recent research and the “interests, interactions, institutions” framework to help students explore the motivating puzzle and the chapter topic.  

    Free, flexible resources and a variety of formats to suit any course

    A rich suite of book-specific media makes it easy to teach World Politics’ analytic approach, while the new ebook and 3-hole punch formats make the text more affordable than ever.  

      Part One: Foundations
      Chapter 1: What Shaped Our World? A Historical Introduction
      Chapter 2: Understanding Interests, Interactions, and Institutions

      Part Two: War and Peace

      Chapter 3: Why Are There Wars?
      Chapter 4: Domestic Politics and War
      Chapter 5: International Institutions and War
      Chapter 6: Violence by Nonstate Actors: Civil War and Terrorism

      Part Three: International Political Economy

      Chapter 7: International Trade
      Chapter 8: International Financial Relations
      Chapter 9: International Monetary Relations
      Chapter 10: Development: Cause of the Wealth and Poverty of Nations

      Part Four: Transnational Politics

      Chapter 11: International Law and Norms
      Chapter 12: Human Rights
      Chapter 13: The Global Environment

      Part Five: Looking Ahead
      Chapter 14: The Future of International Politics

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