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Book Details

  • Paperback
  • March 2015
  • ISBN 978-0-393-26554-5
  • 8.6 × 10.9 in / 656 pages
  • Territory Rights: Worldwide

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Psychology in Your Life


with Ebook and InQuizitive Registration Card

Sarah Grison (Author, Parkland College), Todd Heatherton (Author, Dartmouth College), Michael Gazzaniga (Author, University of California, Santa Barbara)


A new introductory text designed to help students succeed in the course.

Psychology in Your Life was created with the realities of the modern classroom in mind–the text and the media (including an interactive ebook) get students actively engaged with the topics, show them how psychology can be relevant to their lives, and teach them how to be critical consumers of information.

Next generation instructor support, in sync with the mission and message of the book

All of the instructor support materials–including the Test Bank–were written and designed to closely adhere to the learning goals of the text, and to suit a variety of classroom situations. A flexible online Interactive Instructor’s Guide gives instructors access to hundreds of assets developed specifically for this book. These include Demonstration Videos depicting 28 key concepts from the book, Teaching Videos for new and experienced instructors, and a variety of PowerPoint sets—including Active Learning slides and handouts for each chapter. 

An enhanced ebook prepares students for lectures and exams

The enhanced ebook is included free with every copy of the book. The ebook gives students access to the entire text–and much more. Study Questions are embedded at the end of each section of each chapter in the ebook, so students think about what they have read and apply it right away. Demonstration Videos, embedded throughout the text, give students clear ways to understand challenging concepts. Researcher Videos give students deeper understandings of the concepts and of researchers cited in the book. Flashcards of key terms make review easy. 

A framework to help students remember what they read

Learning Goals and Reading Activities begin each section and help students engage with the material. Learning Tips anticipate points of confusion and give students ways to process complex information. Each major section ends with Checkpoint–a bulleted summary of information learned and an entry point to accompanying interactive Study Questions in the ebook.  

In-text features that make psychology relevant to students’ lives and build critical thinking skills

Has It Happened to You boxes describe examples of psychology concepts that students encounter in their lives. Using Psychology in Your Life essays explain how students can apply the principles of psychology to improve their lives. Being a Critical Consumer boxes train students to be critical consumers of information by asking them to evaluate claims made in the media, news, or journals. Scientific Thinking boxes demystify the scientific process by applying the steps of the scientific method to research mentioned in a chapter. Try It Yourself boxes ask students to be their own research subjects.  

InQuizitive: Play with a Purpose

InQuizitive, a formative, adaptive online tool, improves student comprehension of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings by personalizing quiz questions for each student. Engaging, game-like elements built into InQuizitive motivate students as they learn. 

    Chapter 1: Introducing the World of Psychology
    Chapter 2: The Role of Biology in Psychology
    Chapter 3: Consciousness
    Chapter 4: Development Across the Lifespan
    Chapter 5: Sensation and Perception
    Chapter 6: Learning
    Chapter 7: Memory
    Chapter 8: Thinking and Cognitive Abilities
    Chapter 9: Motivation and Emotion
    Chapter 10: Health and Well-Being
    Chapter 11: Social Psychology
    Chapter 12: Personality
    Chapter 13: Psychological Disorders
    Chapter 14: Psychological Treatments