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  • June 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93693-3
  • 640 pages
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    Research Methods in Psychology

    Evaluating a World of Information

    Second Edition


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    Beth Morling (Author, University of Delaware)


    A text that will make your students care about research methods as much as you do.

    This market-leading text emphasizes future consumers of psychological research, uses real-world examples drawn from popular media, and develops students’ critical-thinking skills as they become systematic interrogators of information in their everyday lives.


    Endorsements & Reviews

    “This book weaves the threads of research design, psychometrics, and quantitative analysis in a way that suggests that students may actually see the ‘big picture’, rather than just feel like they are learning a series of unrelated concepts, principles, and designs.” — Eva Szeli, Arizona State University

    “Rarely have I read a text with such a succinct and clear focus, and even more rarely have I seen that focus clung to with such tenacity—adding coherence and a common vernacular across chapters.” — Lauren Taglialatela, Kennesaw State University

    A consistent, evaluative framework

    To help students navigate the often overwhelming research methods course, Chapter 3 presents a “Three Claims, Four Validities” framework with guidelines for systematically classifying and evaluating different types of research claims.  

    Clear learning goals and opportunities for self-assessment

    Each chapter is framed by “A Year from Now” learning objectives, “Check Your Understanding” questions, and “Learning Actively” problems that aid students in identifying the most important concepts. New marginal icons strengthen the link between the narrative and the Everyday Research Methods blog. The self-assessment tools offered in the Norton Coursepack include quizzes and flashcards.  

    Real-world headlines, studies, and stories

    An engaging, conversational tone presents accessible examples from popular media and conveys both the importance and the controversy of classic and contemporary research.  

    Everyday Research Methods Blog

    The real-world headlines, studies, and stories that are a hallmark of the textbook are also the centerpiece of the Everyday Research Methods blog written by author Beth Morling. Each entry is tagged with a Learning Objective from the text and contains critical-thinking and discussion questions. New tab outlines how to use examples from the blog in class.  

      Ch. 1: Psychology Is a Way of Thinking

      Ch. 2: Sources of Information: Why Research Is Best and How to Find It

      Ch. 3: Three Claims, Four Validities: Interrogation Tools for Consumers of Research

      Ch. 4: Ethical Guidelines for Psychology Research

      Ch. 5: Identifying Good Measurement

      Ch. 6: Surveys and Observations: Describing What People Do

      Ch. 7: Sampling: Estimating the Frequency of Behaviors and Beliefs

      Ch. 8: Bivariate Correlational Research

      Ch. 9: Multivariate Correlational Research

      Ch. 10: Introduction to Simple Experiments

      Ch. 11: More on Experiments: Confounding and Obscuring Variables

      Ch. 12: Experiments with More Than One Independent Variable

      Ch. 13: Quasi-Experiments and Small-N Designs

      Ch. 14: Replicability, Generalization, and the Real World

      Statistics Review: Descriptive Statistics

      Statistics Review: Inferential Statistics

      Presenting Results: APA-Style Reports and Conference Posters

      Appendix A: Random Numbers and How to Use Them

      Appendix B: Statistical Tables

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